Philly-based songwriter (Sandy) Alex G has dropped a “Southern Sky”, a new single from his upcoming album House of Sugar. It’s our third listen to the September 13th release (via Domino), following lead single “Greta” and second track “Hope”.

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“Southern Sky” is built around gently chopped guitars and features dreamy vocals from Emily Yacina. It comes accompanied by a trippy music video from frequent collaborator Elliot Bech. The surreal cartoon follows a wolf on his misadventures through a seedy desert town. Those unsettling images pick up on the feelings of alienation in the lyrics, providing a contrast to the breezy guitars.

Watch the clip below.

Preorders for House of Sugar, which follows 2017’s acclaimed Rocket, are now ongoing. (Sandy) Alex G will tour the US starting in October before trekking to the UK and Europe. You can buy tickets here.