Acetone: I’m still waiting.

For a band whose touchstone would soon become obdurate slowness, Acetone certainly began on the record industry’s fast track. In the early ’90s, when music executives were quick with cash, the unproven trio of California […]

H31R: HeadSpace

The moment JWords and maassai crossed paths, collaboration was inevitable. After meeting at a showcase in 2017, the New Jersey producer and Brooklyn rapper each felt they’d found a kindred spirit, deciding to unite the […]

William Eggleston: 512

William Eggleston’s music, like his photography, lives in vivid color. The 84-year-old artist helped establish color photography as a medium worthy of institutional attention, elevating what was once considered purely commercial to the level of […]

Beirut: Hadsel

The note of surprise on Hadsel, Beirut’s sixth studio LP, is not so much that Zach Condon has recorded an album on a remote Norwegian island with free access to a church organ, it’s that […]

Spiritual Cramp: Spiritual Cramp

Spiritual Cramp have their very own Bez. Jose-Luna Gonzalez is the Bay Area band’s tambourine-playing mascot, popping up at their shows to provide auxiliary percussion and an extra sense of chaos to a group, usually […]