PAX Japonica Groove Created Joyous Gems On New Single “Breakthrough The Sky”

    Pax Japonica Groove, a Japanese electro music project by Shuhei Kurosaka’s, just released a brand new single entitled “Breakthrough The Sky” that also announces the upcoming LP Wired Future that will be published on April 8.  After their heavily successful “Wobbly Tokyo,” Pax Japonica Groove returned with bright, optimistic stabs that impressively use elements of classic house with tech stylings. On “Breakthrough The Sky,” Pax Japonica (which means ‘peace from Japan’) Groove delivered an astonishing melody that blends dance, house, and electro in one smooth piece. Shuhei Kurosaka created a distinctive airy feel production with joyous gems, sweeping pads and ground bass. He proves that the Japanese electro scene’s future…


    Monique Barry Releases Minimalist Indie Project Titled “Gone+Eagles”

    Monique Barry is showcasing her pure and raw talent in her latest release, a magical single titled “Gone + Eagles”. This release is quite a unique project as it combines two singles and a music video in one release. The Canadian artist explores the indie genre in a very special way, sharing both her most intimate thoughts and feelings as well as her subtle melodic understanding and vision.  The visuals for “Gone + Eagles” are another great way to dive into Monique Barry’s ethereal sound and visual signature, blend minimalist imagery with the gorgeous nature captured on screen. Have a listen for yourself and enjoy “Gone + Eagles” by one…


    Em Is ready For Take-Off | “Say What You Mean”

    Em is ready for take-off and her debut release “Say What You Mean” is the best way to demonstrate that fact. She fell in love with music in her childhood, and since then, she always pursued her dream with striking confidence and perseverance.  “Say What You Mean” is a great way for her to introduce herself to a wider audience, and is a song that well-represents the different facets of her personality. Simultaneously offering meaningful lyrics and immensely beautiful soundscapes, this single marks the beginning of a long and successful career in music for this skilled recording artist and performer.  On “Say What You Mean”, she plays with symbols, blends…


    Melanie Iglesias Riffs on the Ugly Side of Fame – “L Is a B”

    Iglesias gained renown on YouTube with her viral video series The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book and by starring in MTV’s The Guy Code and Girl Code. L Is a B A talented singer, Iglesias was forced to put her music on hold because of benign nodules on her larynx. Now that she’s healed, she’s back with “L Is a B” and will release her new EP, Context, in early 2020. The song is about the side effects of popularity and success, riding a melodic pop beat blended with swanky R&B tones, as Iglesias narrates how vicious fame can be: “Life is a b*ch, love is a game, sometimes people change when they get some fame…”  

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    Going to Strip Clubs Doesn’t Make Dua Lipa Any Less Feminist

    In the age of an imperfect cancel culture, Twitter users have harnessed the power of hashtags to superfluous extremes, often at the expense of innocent stars. This morning, #dualipaisoverparty began trending on Twitter, a response to a video that surfaced of the singer attending a strip club for a Grammys afterparty and throwing bills on twerking dancers—you know, what male rappers have been doing since the dawn of hip-hop. Lipa was criticized for perpetuating the oversexualization and objectification of women while proclaiming to be a feminist. The origin of these #isoverparty hashtags is frequently attributed to K-pop fandom’s futile attempts to “cancel” everyone but their idols, but bot accounts and…


    Why “Cats” Is the Cult Movie Classic of the Future

    “I was there,” you say, with a far-off look in your eyes. “I saw it.” “Grandparent,” they say (the gender-neutral term, because gender is no longer considered real). “What was it like?” “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before,” you say, rocking back and forth. As their parents look on anxiously, the kids leave for the midnight showing of the greatest cult classic film since The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Tom Hooper’s visionary, warped, dreamlike rendition of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats.