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Catpack – The Top

Cat people, unite! Or at least that’s what Amber Navran (of Moonchild), Jacob Mann & Phil Beaudreau did. And today, we’re blessed with the 4th single from their new project Catpack, blending jazz, soul, funk & […]

The Exquisite Agony of Myriam Gendron

Amen Dunes Thrives in the Zone of the Uncomfortable Myriam Gendron – MaydayThrill Jockey/Feeding Tube “Mayday” can signify a pagan celebration of spring, a holiday recognizing workers’ solidarity, and a signal of urgent distress. Myriam […]


WHO IS BELLA RIOS Hailing from Chicago and currently based in Princeton, N.J. where she’s studying economics at Princeton University, music has long been a part of Bella Rios‘s life. She started classical piano training […]

Lone Star State of Mind

Angel White on Finding Sustainability for His Mental Health Angel White doesn’t mind when country singers dress up as cowboys, even if they’ve never set foot on a ranch or hoisted themselves up into the […]

Jessica Pratt Dreams Big on Here in the Pitch

King Gizzard Crown New Label With Jay Watson/Ambrose Kenny-Smith LP Jessica Pratt – Here in the Pitch (Mexican Summer) Jessica Pratt‘s albums are like recurring dreams—hypnagogic visitors that come bearing uncertainty, comfort, and wonder, though […]

Sunny Day Real Estate Reread Their Diary

You Gotta Keep ‘Em Alienated: Our 1998 Offspring Feature Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary—Live at London Bridge Studio “Novum Vetus,” the title of the only new-to-you song on Diary—Live at London Bridge Studio, roughly […]

Beyond The Sea

Beyond The Sea Maybe there’s some irony in the fact that the first time Jon Muq ever flew on an airplane, his destination was a cruise ship that would take him on a months-long journey […]

Kamasi Washington’s Epic Expectations

Brittany Davis on New Album Image Issues and Navigating a Visual World Kamasi Washington – Fearless MovementYoung You can argue about the various ways Kamasi Washington has impacted jazz culture, but one thing is undeniable: […]