Near – FarKendl

Today I woke up and rushed to my laptop because it’s the day we get to premiere Kendl’s new single “Near – Far”. Ever since I discovered Jesse’s “Manyara” in 2019. To this day, is […]

BreatheKristen Merritt

Inspiring music and truly talented artists – this is what Stereofox stands for. It’s a real thrill every time we discover an upcoming artist and it makes us really excited to have the opportunity to […]


I’ve been following the work of Mild Minds ever since I stumbled across “SWIM” and MOOD last year, and I must say this is among the flashiest tracks I’ve heard from the LA-based producer. I […]


Just get ready before you get sucked in Duckwrth’s lush alternative r&b universe. The LA-based recording artist, musician and designer has another cool track, which will inevitably make you swing along to the catchy grooves. “We […]

Always ThereInum

In the moments when we feel lonely and the silence around us is screaming, we must keep in mind that there’s always someone who thinks and cares about us. “Always There” by Canadian producer Inum […]

Famous Last WordsJames Blake

The previous James Blake single, “Life Is Not The Same“, blew my mind – so deep and touching, with this beautiful melancholy he has. “Famous Last Words” is his latest offering, leading to Friends That […]

Berlin without youHelius

Something I find very fascinating about the latest Helius single is how the background is potentially a lot more captivating than what’s presented in the foreground. And don’t get me wrong, the glittery leads paired […]

EnsōMookee Skysia Equanimous

Meditating on the elegance of the Universe, with the latest brilliant release by three names, you should already be familiar with, US producers Skysia and Equanimous and German producer Mookee. Their track “Ensō” is dedicated […]

red leafChkody

Gentle and refreshing like morning dew, the new track from US producer Chkody, will easily put you in a calm state with a touch of dreaminess. The cosy melodicism of “Red Leaf” will take you […]

Back In The DayChrissi

There’s something so cool about discovering raw and new talents at the beginning of their journey. “Back In The Day” is Chrissi’s second only release. The follow-up to her debut “Sun Don’t Set” draws elements […]


Meet DC/Boston-based electronic duo Astroturf and their spacey Beach Fossils-meets-Tame Impala electronic psychedelia. “Aether” is Adam and Miraloma’s debut release and it’s going to take you to some uplifting places. It’s the kind of track […]

Norway by TrainClifford Louk faff

The Haute Couture peacefulness, stemming from this track is mindblowing. “Norway By Train” is a gorgeous lofi jazz-influenced tune, coloured with calming keys and soul-melting brass embelishments. This is the second release of UK artist […]

Dust Roomnomoon

UK duo nomoon are inviting us to one less-visited place, where time rests on the leftovers of things which once mattered in someone’s life – at least that’s the visual picture I get while listening […]

ClifftopDevon Rea Epifania

The follow-up to our label release with Devon Rea and Epifania “Yearning” is here. Nothing beats a Sunday ambient-inspired lofi to help you space out. I’m slowly gearing up to tone things down and get […]