I’ve had work-intense days, so my main soundtrack have been various lo-fi chillhop beats. Perfect to help you focus for hours and get things done.

RUDE is a US producer and his gorgeous beat “Eternal Youth” is a homage to Asian culture and soundscapes. The track has been created in order to celebrate “youth and life” and I couldn’t stress how much I love every single of it. It almost feels like a trip back in history and a lot of it lies within the sample – information which many people are searching for. So, who and what did RUDE sample to craft this beautiful beat? That’s Chinese artist Zither and her track “Endless Love”.

If you dig this music, definitely check out our Spotify Chill Beats playlist.

As I mentioned Monday is a pretty good day to chill and let your mind wander around. Also, I feel I should say a few words about the artwork of “Eternal Youth”. It’s just… bizarre and beautiful. I guess it really fits the sound of RUDE. I hope you guys enjoy this and stay tuned for more features of his music.

I forgot to mention – one of the best things about this – there’s free download enabled on this track in the link.