New York based band Son Lux are back with Tomorrows II, the second album in a far-reaching three-volume body of work out via City Slang.

“Live Another Life”, the first single from the this new work, deals with the tension of control and how identities can be bound together in relationships. A simmering percussive loop sets the stage for Lott’s threadbare entrance: “I’m done asking you to be healed for me, I’m done asking you to heel to me.”

Watch the official video below and the alternate version which features Nappy Nina.

According to the press release, The counter-part remix “Live Another Life (Heal For Me)” trades the tactile percussive sounds of the original version for an unstable swirling haze of guitar-generated textures, grounded by heavy, mangled 808 kicks and gut-punch snares. Nappy Nina deftly delivers angular cadences on her two verses, diving deep into the nuances of a fraying relationship, reflecting: “we forage and make-believe, force a forest with made up leaves.”