A few months ago we introduced the project Procédure de Libération which is the result of the collaboration between Italian composer and pianist Mattia Vlad Morleo and Russian visual artist Alla Chiara Luzzitelli aka Alicka. It features also cellist Mauro Paolo Monopoli and was released in May. A project about emotions and their liberation, as Luzzitelli explains:

It is an extremely introspective, liberal, fragile but also strong project, from that summer onwards I started to develop this idea. Mattia’s role is fundamental for me, I wrote to him in the middle of autumn to offer him the collaboration. I chose him first of all because the memory I had of him during his concert had left me something positive but also he appeared to me as a person I need on an artistic but also human level at this time of my life, I could not entrust the project to someone who was not able to understand and support me, I think Mattia is very sensitive and humble and it is something that fascinates me a lot. Of course the project could live even without a melody that’s for sure but for this particular project I think it was essential to have a mate of emotions.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the short movie of the track “Procédure de Libération“. Watch it below and check our interview with both artists.