American percussionist and composer Jon Mueller has announced the release of a new album. Family Secret will be out on January 22nd, 2021 via American Dreams Records. According to the press release, the experimental musician maintains a meticulous, sustained tension, re-engaging with a technique he developed as an adolescent – reframing the environs of creation, and naturally altering his perception, through changes in light and space – while also considering the role of family and divorce. We already shared “Ignited Hands“; “Welcome” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

Mueler says this about the video: “I’m always excited to see what Kaveh will come up with for the videos we’ve made. For Family Secret, pairing his work with Niki Feijen’s desolate photographs doubled my anticipation. Seeing these visuals combined with the audio totally captures many of the ideas I had with this project. What was the story, what went wrong, and what sense can be made in what’s left behind? How can the past speak in the moment? Regardless of my thoughts, I think there’s a real sense to take away from the video, however one feels it.”