Martina Bertoni is an Italian Berlin-based sound artist and musician which makes music by manipulating cello sounds. One year after her first full-length All Ghosts Are Gone, she has announced the release of a new album called Music For Empty Flats which is out on January 29th, 2021 via Karlrecords.

According to the press release, on her new album she continues to explore the sonic possibilities of her instrument which she uses as sound source – sounds which are then processed, adding reverb, feedback and sub-bass frequencies and thus crafting sonic sculptures, rich of atmospheres and frictions.

the inspiration for the title “music for empty flats“ comes from a fraction of time during last winter, while i was visiting iceland. i had the strange opportunity to spend lots of time listening to music, alone in a brand new but unoccupied – therefore completely naked – empty flat in the suburbs of reykjavík. it was christmas, it was constantly dark, outside there was snow, inside there was this strange dystopian empty space in which i could listen to my favourite pieces of music in complete solitude. this is when i started sketching the new record.“ says bertoni.

Check the title-track below.