Lux Beauregard, an Indie-pop artist from Owensboro, KY, recently released her debut single “Fireworks.” Besides having catchy soundscapes and brilliant songwriting skills, the release is also full of beautiful resonances. “Fireworks” has a pureness and heartbreaking sensuality to it. It awakens emotions opposing one another, yet managing to make the listener feel alive. Lux masterfully mixes different elements of baroque-pop, synth-pop, and indie into one vivid creative outburst. 

“Fireworks” synthesizes the bright and dark, pure and sensual, ethereal and lively, otherworldly and realistic enough to make you feel the pain altogether. Her creative process depends highly on the imagination and visualization of her music. She gives shapes and colors to her notes, giving them essence in a sense. That unique aspect of her creative process has a remarkable effect on the complete result.