Quiet Evening is the collaborative EP between Covington-based musician and contemporary composer Philip G Anderson and Italian violinist and composer Laura Masotto. It is out via Lady Blunt Records and was written and recorded in two different locations: Anderson’s home-studio in Covington, Georgia (USA) and the country-side of Bologna were Laura Masotto was temporarly based from March 2020 after returning from her Artist Residency at Fabra I Coats in Barcelona (ES).

I felt trapped knowing that I could not travel and spent most of my time inside my apartment so my connection to theoutside world was primarily through music. I spent evenings sitting at my piano playing whatever came to mind, andwhatever would distract me from my surroundings. These pieces were born from a stressed and exhausted mind thatwanted to connect again with the outside world. Collaborating with Laura was not only musically rewarding, but it alsohelped provide some semblance of normalcy to life by working with someone else on music again even if it was onlythrough email” says Philip G Anderson.

When Philip asked me to make an EP together, the lockdown had just started inItaly. The situation was really heavy and dramatic. I immediately felt the beauty that this collaboration was carrying. Hewas at other side of the ocean but we were feeling emotions that were alike, which were conveyed in music. The biggest inspiration was looking the spring blossom outside my window.” continues Laura Masotto.

Listen below and check our chat with both artists here.