With the state of the world, there’s never been a better time to blast to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” for a moment of peace. Thankfully, Muse’s Matt Bellamy has us covered.

On Friday, the British singer-songwriter dropped his rendition of the 1970 Simon and Garfunkel cut, complete with some delicate acoustic strumming and his stellar falsetto. The track sees a pretty powerful instrumental crescendo toward the end with an organ and some keys, making Bellamy’s held notes hit that much harder.

“[This is] one of my favorite songs of all time, and a timely song for a tough year,” Bellamy says of the release. “We should all reach out and be there for our friends right now.”

Back in 2018, Bellamy said in a Deezer interview that he’d love to cover the song, so it seems this may have been sitting in his back pocket for a minute. Outside of the cover of this ’70s classic, Bellamy has also shared his own quarantine writing in recent single “Tomorrow’s World” and has shared quite a few positive personal messages amid the pandemic.

Check out his uplifting new cover below: