Last year, Telemakus released a phenomenal jazz record with Radio Juicy titled The New Heritage.

One of my personal favorites from the album is “You Ready”. A track that embodies the essence of what brings hip hop heads and jazz enthusiasts together; groovy, full-sounding drums and compelling jazz instrumentation revealing a broad scope of flavorful variations.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a band come together and jam effortlessly. It really takes the music to a whole new level, and it seems to me this is what our jazzy friend is all about.

The US-based producer/pianist has built a prominent catalog for himself over the last few years, and he is now hitting a new audience with his transition into a fully jazz-oriented style, as opposed to his older lofi hip hop releases.

I hope this entices you to go check out more of these vibes, this guy is definitely one to watch for in the jazz and hip hop scene!