Another stellar release from the Chillhop Music Records catalog that dropped earlier last week.

German producer leavv is a frequent guest in our feed and we even had the chance to interview him last year and now he’s back with a new beat collection titled Tales of a Flowing Forest. The 8-track album is going to put you in a state of utter zen and I highly encourage you to experience the whole sonic experience. It features The Field Tapes (which happens to be another moniker of Kyle McEvoy… and the highlight of this feature), Flitz&Suppe, and Philanthrope.

What I loved about “With Time” is the punchy snare that perfectly contrasst the lovely and laid back piano in the background.

Also, while 99% of Chillhop Music’s album releases consist of the songs being done before the visual art, but the instrumentals for Tales of a Flowing Forest were created only after the visuals (created by painter Sean Lewis) were decided.

Cinematic, peaceful and light.

Chillhop Music Leavv – Tales of a Flowing Forest [relaxed instrumental beats]
Leavv – Tales of a Flowing Forest [relaxed instrumental beats] – Chillhop Music 20:28