With its delicate emotivity, “Unguarded” is a song about having someone to completely be yourself with.

The track is another gem in Jordan Rakei’s collection of neo-soul tracks, but this time it’s a bit more experimental. Jordan himself actually wrote in his socials: “This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever made.”

Besides the beautiful blend of electronic and acoustic elements, I loved the way the song’s structure wasn’t giving itself away. “Unguarded” starts softly, with Jordan’s voice being carried on the wings of gorgeous strings. This introductory part elegantly melts into the next one, where the drums are introduced. Later the two parts find each other somewhere between the woods and merge to close the circle. This approach made the track versatile, offering a more nuanced build-up of the emotionally charged sonic panorama.

Rakei’s new album What We Call Life is due on September 17th, via Ninja Tune.