So glad to have Claptu and Beatmund Noise back on the label! After the beautiful zen “Atonia“, the 2 producers are switching things up with something out of the lofi genre.

More and more I become a sucker for producers who venture out of the norm, so blend of lofi and alt r&b felt superb.

The track was build upon an old voice memo which Claptu found on his phone. Recorded at a jam session with German soul / r&b and gospel singer Ocean Gold, the memo blossomed into a lush and spacious combination of sounds which feels like an intimate confession to a friend thanks to the smooth piano keys. Enhanced with Beatmund Noise’s crunchy drums, the tune will leave you wanting more of its warmth at the end.

“If you wanna love me, you have to dive underneath. Love is about depth, it’s about taking the long run to explore the real beauty of it. It’s about dropping all your covers and showing the person who you really are.”