“The Stork” will take you on the wings of the ethereal sound, delivered by German producer Kalipo. According to him, the track channels the beauty and serenity of flight and I can certainly agree with that.

While it starts with a cut-up vinyl groove that sounds like heavy wing flaps, the composition includes some chord pads gently warm-up the tune which slowly begins to take flight, hovering lightly through gentle melody progressions and placid rhythmic landscapes. “The Stork stands for the art of letting go, of turning difficult into easy,” says Kalipo of the tune referencing also the intuitive creative process that inspired the album as a whole, “In the classic sense, the stork carries the message of happiness in its beak. The symbol for newly awakening life.”

 A mixture of hope, peacefulness and slight nostalgic feels, “The Stork” might not bring the Spring sooner, but will certainly make you feel much warmer on the inside.