There’s one way to describe cln’s new single – a ray of gorgeous synths blended with a cliamtic drop.The australian artist is back with another must-hear release titled “Sunbeams”.

The track sounds quite differntly than his previous stuff and there’s a lot out-of-the-box vibe engraved in it. There’s a good rason for that. As Alexander explains below, this song came because of a sever writers-block, forcing him to re-think his approach.

When I was writing it, I was going through a bit of writers-block, so I tried to change things up a bit and write a story –not necessarily based on my own experiences but I still wanted to capture a certain emotion. I tried to paint a picture of a memory, and I wanted to capture that bittersweet feeling that you get when you dwell on pastexperiences. This song is about nostalgia as it tells the story of a lost friendship and the experience of exploring both the good and bad memories associated with it.