Australia has always been one of our favourite dealers when it comes to music. Our friend Golden Vessel is back with a full-length release titled colt and things sound supreme.

The album a glorious 11-track collection of indie/alt/electro/pop music that is so very easy to get into, and as Golden Vessel explains below some of the album’s initial tracks were written in anticipation of an extensive North American tour that he embarked on in mid-2019. He continued the writing process while on the road during those months it just took on a narrative all of its own…

“7colt is a road-trip album. I started it at home in Brisbane before a busy year of touring my debut album slow shine.A lot of those initial songs were sort of written in anticipation of traveling across America and driving hundreds of hours. I also kept writing whilst touring & traveling and the album sort of picked up a narrative of being away from people you care about, and trying tomakethedistance&time zone differences work.”

Today’s highlight is his collaboration with Akurei titled “stateside”. There’s something melancholically beautiful about the composition, something that makes me reminiscence over the laid back teenage summers.