“Smoulder” is the opening track of Father Sheed’s debut EP Mild Bliss – a blend of electronica, ambient and hip hop.

The independent DJ and producer, whose real name is Nick Jamshidi, crafted a composition, infused with space ambience, while warm and cosy at the same time.

Maintaining a balance between the different layers, Jamshidi incorporated pulsating synths, navigating through the breakbeat percussion. The main melody, which holds everything together, appears, vanishes and reappears again, transforming seamlessly in different variations. All of this, sprinkled with some elegant dreamy vocals.

Listen to the whole EP here:

Father Sheed Mild Bliss EP
Smoulder – Father Sheed 03:10
Putty – Father Sheed 05:10
Plant Seed, Eat Fruit – Father Sheed 03:39
Amniotic – Father Sheed 04:08
Loving You Is Where It’s At (Vignette) – Father Sheed 02:43
Recalcitrant – Father Sheed 04:20
The Sound of Flies Doesn’t Bother Me – Father Sheed 03:34
Half Stop – Father Sheed 02:10
Moon Language – Father Sheed 04:08