In a recent discussion, Shweta Harve, the talented singer, guitarist, and driving force behind the indie band HridayaSheela, shared the background of their new single, “Who Are You?”. She explained that the song was inspired by her contemplation of humanity’s quest for enduring happiness in an ever-changing world. Rooted in Advaita Vedanta, the song encourages listeners to look inward, challenging them to find their true essence beyond surface-level identities and desires.

Shweta Harve has introduced their new single, “Who Are You?”. This song explores the themes of self-awareness and the search for true contentment, drawing inspiration from the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. The fusion of diverse musical elements and insightful lyrics highlights Harve’s commitment to creating music with depth. The song lyrics have been crafted by the songwriter and an incredibly talented poet, Jay Krishnan PR. Music has been composed by the band’s full-time Italian composer, Dario Cei.

“Who Are You?” has topped the World Indie Music Charts and ranked high on the Euro Indie Music Charts. Shweta expressed joy at the song’s global impact, noting its broad appeal and powerful message. This success drives HridayaSheela to push the boundaries of inspirational music.

The creation of “Who Are You?” involved collaboration across the US, Italy, Ukraine, and India. Italian composer Dario Cei crafted the composition, while Ukrainian engineer Serhii Cohen mixed and mastered it amidst war turmoil. Shweta recorded some vocals from her closet, showcasing the team’s dedication.

Shweta also cited musical influences like Scorpions, U2, Pink Floyd, and Coldplay. These influences inspire HridayaSheela to create resonant music, continuing a legacy of impactful lyrics and memorable melodies.

Despite industry challenges and digital platform complexities, Shweta remains committed to meaningful music. She emphasizes connecting with people, influencing emotions, and making a positive impact. Future projects will explore personal and societal themes, blending introspection with rock, pop, and folk elements.

The music video for “Who Are You?” enhances the song’s themes with striking visuals, offering a cinematic view of society and emotions. Directed by Jay Krishnan and his team at Applied Wonder, the video enriches the song’s message. As Shweta and HridayaSheela continue their journey, they aim to deliver impactful music that pushes inspirational boundaries.