T’is da Gold School here! Representing strong spirit and some proper female rap skillz! 

I couldn’t help but think of Lauryn Hill, the minute Rae.Dianz started sipping bars and you would probably notice the beautiful connection! Discovering a track like this, certainly made my day.

The vibey instrumental and the grip of the neo-soul/hip hop artist’s vocals, turn the track into a powerful statement: Rae.Dianz is not here to mess around! And she knows what she’s doing!

Regarding the track she shares:

The definition of “Rhapsody” is euphoria, a heavenly exuberant feeling, for a long time I felt far from that. Although the beginning of the year wasn’t satisfying, the way I’m ending my year is phenomenal, complete 180. I needed a track to embody where I am now, and the only word that fits is RHAPZODIK.

I don’t know for you, but I certainly feel euphoric after listening to this gorgeous track.