What happens if you blend Hiatus Kaiyote, Jordan Rakei and Bonobo, you’d ask? “Relight”, I’d say.

21-year-old UK producer & multi-instrumentalist Hemai delivers an outworldly blend of neo-soul, jazz, hip hop & electronica, together with vocalists Laura Roy & Woddy Green. “Relight” is drenched with hope, light, and experimentation, with surprising switches of tempo. He shares:

For me it’s about rebirth; rebirth of yourself, relationships with others, places and scenes and always having a constant rebirth in areas where naturally we feel need a quick switch up. Production-wise I’m experimenting with the concept of space; bringing together my favourite sounds from around the world and the universe and merging them with UK roots. And I really dig the difference in meanings and imagery that Laura and Woddy would have seen whilst writing as opposed to my visions. It’s what makes collaborating so magical and unexpected.