Woke up early on a Sunday and the world feels so calm, I love it.

And Micco & Elias’s “Playground” seems like the perfect way to kick in a chilled day. Micco’s telling the story of living a stressed life between the US and the UK on top of a peculiar instrumental with nuanced, d’n’b-influenced percussions. Elias elaborates:

I started the instrumental a few months before lockdown and sent it over to Micco immediately. It was around this time civil unrest in America began to surface which gave us more inspiration to finish the song. By addressing how normal it is nowadays to see controversy on every news outlet, we wanted to highlight the silver linings Micco felt as a child when staying in the southern states. The polarising themes within the lyrics shed light on how both the UK & USA are far from perfect but provides an inspirational playground for growth and development.