Berlin-based brother TWO LANES solidified their presence in the experimental electronica scene after the release of their 2020 EP Lights (via our friends at bitbird). That record and BICEP’s Isles have been my go-to places when looking for lonesome, but upbeat progressive music.

I was happy to see Rafa and Leo back with a new track just a few months after the EP drop. The motivation is strong in these guys! I was watching their live Instagram AMA last night on Instagram and realized we missed featuring “Phases”. Such a spacious and ethereal vibe. Both empowering and mellow – the golden middle I always seek when it comes to this kind of music.

TWO LANES share,

We recently got a Juno 60 for our studio here in Berlin. We have always wanted one and were really excited when it finally arrived. Most of the sounds you can hear in “Phases” come from this legendary synth. We really enjoy the soundscape of that instrument – it’s very warm and wide and always pleasing. ‘Phases’ is a sonic result of those first days when we were exploring the Juno 60.