It’s really hard not to love music.

There is unfathomable magic to it, certain power that reaches out to how we feel and speaks to us. “One More” is the track that is driving me to scribble such sentimentalities, which is something I usually try to avoid.

It’s a collaborative feature between two aspiring producers, Midan and Kuranes. The reason why I sound so impressed in the paragraph above is not because the track is some example of production wizardry. It’s definitely pleasing, clear and crisp. Still, it’s definitely not something that will draw special attention, especially if you’re into the style. “One More” is also not a track where there are countless layers of different harmonies played on enough instruments for a whole orchestra, backed by syncopated drumming with some tribal percussions for additional flavor. In other words, it’s not an instrumentalist extravaganza by any stretch of imagination. It’s actually quite simple and minimalistic – laid-back, fuzzy drumming, guided by ethereal sounding synths with some sharp, glassy piano keys on top of them.

I liked this track so much is simply because it clicked with me. It’s a cliché, for sure, but that doesn’t make it less true. And that’s the magic I mentioned earlier. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a simple melody to fall in love with a song.

And this is why I love music.