Absolutely my favourite blend – jazzy hip hop with soulful vocals.

Sofila & Kenneth Goodrich (the magician behind the production of “Little Slice of Heaven“) are no strangers to the fox audience but this time Kenneth adds his smooth flow and they’re joined by thetalented producer Coastal for “Lost Without”. She elaborates:

Kenneth Goodrich and I met in November of 2019 at his event in Long Beach. Funnily enough, we grew up only miles from one another, in Temecula, California. We both dabbled in similar genres and decided to start collaborating. He produced the beats of my two most listened to tracks: “Incomplete” and “Little Slice of Heaven”. Kenneth introduced me to Coastal, his college buddy, a soothing jazz producer, and “Lost Without” came to life.

Kenneth also shares:

Coastal & myself recently moved up to LA to pursue our dreams full time. We created this song in the midst of that transition. We both felt lost for a minute focusing too much on money & things that pulled us away from our love of the music. Together Me, Coastal and Sofila got together, explored LA for the day & put together this song with the simple topic of not straying away from what’s most important, the love for what we do. Money and all that other jazz is nothing but a tool to keep us doing what we love most, making this amazing music

The music video, shot and edited by Gabriel Zanoff, is also quite the mood!