Always love it when I have the “focus” switch of my brain turned on and then stumble across a track which combines a pleasant casual vibe and skilled soulful instrumentation to keep the flow going. “Le Blues” is here for you to fulfill this exact scenario.

This jazz-hop track resembles a long deep musical conversation between the various beautifully played instruments and led by the convincing saxophone solo which introduces colorful variety in every section of the arrangement. The plucky electric piano jumps between left and right in the stereo field, making the whole soundscape surround you as a listener so you feel included in the sonic discussion. The punchy, yet non-distracting drums keep the track grounded and help solidify the pulse of the rest of the synth and pad textures, so you always have a choice to focus on whichever aspect of the track your mood dictates. You can either kick back and enjoy the beauty in the melodic department or rather nod your head to the groove of the percussion.

No matter which route you go in for experiencing this track, the outcome will always be satisfactory. Make sure to check “Le Blues” out on all streaming platforms!