Bounce Alert! I honestly don’t know how Dupre came up with this sick track. Listening to it feels like looking at an abstract painting and stepping one foot back at a time. And the more time passes and the more distance has been acquired, the better you understand and appreciate how all colours and shapes unite in symbiosis and form a cohesive whole which brings satisfaction and amazement.

The 23-year-old electronic and hip-hop producer out of Austin, Texas, aims to ‘create the type of sounds that take the listener somewhere new’. The crisp drums and the basslines that he uses are glued together by a diversity of other warmer elements – both electronic and acoustic. Dupre certainly knows how to keep the listener’s attention, not only in terms of melodicism and dynamics but also when it comes to versatility – I loved the beat switch around the middle of the track, which amplified the overall energizing effect of the composition.

“Kickback” is part of his brand-new EP Lost in Austin vol. 2, which you can explore below: