The new fiery drop from JGOTITT has the best matching name as the music and energy of the release will make you want to “Bounce That Ass,” as its title suggests. Oh, and you will not feel alone, as many beautiful ladies are doing the same on the screen, thanks to the music video of the song. The visuals are filled with the most beautiful female shapes twerking on your face, unapologetically. However, the show is definitely stolen when JGOTITT enters the scene and moves around with his irresistible charisma showing who the boss is. His alpha energy is captivating and will keep you hooked to the screen till the very last second of the video. 

With these provocative, extremely open and sensual visuals, the artist indicates his growth, metaphorically, from being a young rapper with a strong potential into an industry native, a strong hip-hop game player. Let’s wait and see how he will own his position further, and if the bar of his success and creativity will rise higher.