Re-imagining “Handshakes & High 5s” through a different lens, Stereofox’s own Verdance introduces a brand-new sonic appearance to MÒZÂMBÎQÚE‘s original track…

Through an ocean of lush pads, pulsing with the tone of the lo-fi house beat, the track presents wave after wave of luxurious soundscapes. Verdance’s distinctive sound shines through considering the atypical rhythms and the lavish percussive layers implemented in the sound aesthetics of this remix.

Jake himself elaborates:

“Handshakes and High 5s” really stood out from the project and I loved so many of the individual elements, but wanted to focus on some of those elements and build up from there. The shimmering electric piano line that runs throughout the original was so luscious; I knew that would be my starting point and it went from there. It was straightforward from there: I wanted a solid groove, underpinned by a fun bass line, and some synth work to bolster it and fill in the gaps. A really, really fun remix!”

Verdance’s take on “Handshakes & High 5s” is the second consecutive remix from the How To Be Human (Deluxe) EP, dropping on 18th March via Stereofox Records. Keep an eye out!