vbnd never disappoints.

“Gold Chain” has the sweetest keys, warming basslines, blissful brass, and groovy drums, alongside Katie Tupper’s mesmerizing vocals (you’ve already heard her on “No Other Feeling“, which is, hands down, one of my fav soulful tracks ever).

The track is taken off the Canadian artist’s latest album Scum Funk (out via DeepMatter) which you should absolutely play from start to end:

vbnd Scum Funk
V’s Funky Castle – vbnd 01:52
I Don’t Take Time – vbnd 00:39
Slowly Starting to Take Form – vbnd 03:22
Stop Your Crying – vbnd 04:33
Who Do You Think You Are? I Am – vbnd 01:33
Stupid – vbnd 03:05
Couldn’t Get Laid – vbnd 02:25
Scum Funk – vbnd 01:46
Fallin’ For – vbnd 03:43
Gold Chain – vbnd 03:33
Skin to Skin – vbnd 03:51
In a Fugue State – vbnd 03:56
The Ocean (She’s a Winner, Baby) – vbnd 04:15
Breathe Me In (A Little Longer) – vbnd 04:35
League Strut – vbnd 04:11