It’s amazing to see artists growing in front of you. I remember stumbling upon Dragonfruit and their “Gears of the Giant Machine” for the first time more than 2 years ago.

Since then, they’ve signed with Super-Sonic Jazz Records, and… they’ve recorded a few tracks with Cloud Orchestra in the empty halls of the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam.

The new arrangement gives the track a fairytale feel, which will make you shiver. Anton de Bruin, the keyboard player elaborates:

For me, there is a certain magical thing that happens when a string orchestra starts playing. It adds a very human and organic element to the music that is hard to find anywhere else. The amount of musical possibilities you have is also staggering. Ranging from epic, soaring string lines that rise above the music to fragile, intimate moments that will touch you in a profound way. Such a project as Live at Paradiso is a playground for me and it is very refreshing and inspiring to look at our music from such a different angle.

Make sure to check all 3 tracks, they’re absolutely worth it:

DRAGONFRUIT Live at Paradiso (Dragonfruit x Cloud Orchestra)
Lonely (Live at Paradiso) – DRAGONFRUIT 02:59
Gears of the Giant Machine (Live at Paradiso) – DRAGONFRUIT 03:35
Wasted (Live at Paradiso) – DRAGONFRUIT 03:39