Sometimes a track can mean different things to different people. One person might construe a sense of sadness from a track while another gets a feeling of quiet euphoria. In the case of Happy Tobi and Jost Esser’s new track “First Dance After Lockdown”, however, there is no need for debate.

A brass lead opens, playing out a melody tinged in mourning and fatigue. Teetering between cheery carelessness and a wary sense of regret, it feels unrestrained yet cautious, like a captive animal taking those first steps towards the wild and freedom.

A chord progression twangs underneath but does little to offer any comfort to the the lead. It too seems unsteady on it’s feet, the rhodes-esque sound wobbling and bending as it goes. The effect is a powerful one; these two simple elements alone seem to perfectly capture the atmosphere that one might expect the “First Dance After Lockdown” to have.

The tune soon finds it’s stride, however; the drums are a confident stroll that uplifts the previously uncertain melody. A thick sub bass shifts underneath the kick, subtle and reliable in the weight it gives the rest of the track. This coupled with the assuredness of the rhythm serves to glue the track together, something once damaged being remade anew.

Stream “First Dance After Lockdown” here: