Tony Pops is an artist from Los Angeles who has a clear appreciation for synths and “Feeling Good (What Needs To Be Done)” is his newest creation.

The track starts off with the steady upbeat rhythm and soon translates into that future bass sound we’ve grown to love. But don’t get it twisted, there are no wobbles or dirty bass elements in here. The detuned synths and warm bounce make it a sexy, danceable bop. The drops are subtle and hype up the layers of this track without taking away from them. The minimal lyrics add on to the feel-good vibe of it, hence the name of the song. 

Dancer Gravity Balmain, from HBOMAX’s Legendary is the star of the video, as he vogues through the city into a pastel-colored party, paying homage to the legendary ball culture. 

These two create an auditory and visual bliss that will certainly have you dancing in your bedroom on a Tuesday morning and do what needs to be done!