D’Lemor was born in Poland but since 1985, she has been residing in NYC and translating her creative vision into designs of all kinds by creating beauty in different forms, ranging from graphic to interior design, always with the purpose of making people feel the love during their memorable moment. Being a creative personality at the core and familiar with the music firsthand (she attended music school in Poland and played the violin, her father taught her vibrato at the age of eight while singing became her first love) D’Lemor made her strong decision to follow her dream of being a music artist.

Consequently, D’Lemor released her debut single “Shine” off her upcoming album Your Lens Of Love. “Shine” is a flawlessly conceived song that broadens D’Lemor‘s boundaries in the music industry. It delivers a calm and confident vocal performance similar to Celine Dion, which reaches intense and short bursts of emotion that take us on a journey through our own moods and reactions. With great sounds in the production, D’Lemor‘s vocals are so on point, that most of the female artists nowadays wish they had that range.

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