Out of Stockholm comes a sound so warm, you won’t be able to guess it was produced in the snow. 

Swedish Max I Million pays homage to classic hip-hop beats and jazz standards using mainly his Akai MPC2000XL. His instrumentals are intricately layered and rich but in the most relaxing way possible. Uncut Gems is his debut instrumental album and he combines sounds and textures, effects, and dialogue samples. 

The single off the record, “Deep” is a spiraling dive into a delightful and laid-back jazz hop sound. Using glistening keys and a thick bass decorated by horns and old-school vocal chops, the song reels you into its magnetic mood. This blissful track isn’t one of those instrumentals you can listen to while you’re working or studying, though. You will need to fully immerse yourself in this track and album to appreciate its woven-in details and stellar production.