It is plain to see that EXUM is stepping onto the music scene with confidence and flair. The former NFL safety isn’t afraid to try new things, including an entire career change. 

During a break from his NFL career in 2018, he released “Officer Kaepernick” with raw, political raps and a bass-heavy rap beat. His newest track “Dark Kept Secret” explores a guitar and synth-heavy sound leaning toward new wave, indie and pop. Instead of rapping on social issues, he sings about his emotions and disconnected as someone’s dark kept secret.

In the tasteful video, EXUM expresses himself with colorful make-up and a New York Dolls shirt, and shows off his fancy footwork on top of a blue star, which serves as a guiding mark throughout the video. Quite a vivid contrast from the bulky 49ers kit he took off in 2019 after being cut from the team’s roster. 

It’s so refreshing to witness artists transform into their unapologetic selves, without any fear or hesitation. In an interview for The Guardian, EXUM said:

“I love bringing the androgynous attitude to everything I do… I love open sexuality. [Societal norms] don’t matter to me.” 

“Dark Kept Secret” is out now. Check out the video, directed by Allison Bunce below: