Pain and grief are the two feelings capable of annihilating the human in us. They can make us lose our common sense and choose the dark side. However, when they meet a creative soul full of light, they can become sources of inspiration. In her new single “You Are My Land,” singer-songwriter and composer Amirah sings about her homeland, echoing the pain of her land and her people. The artist transfers through her song all the emotions unknown to the audience with utmost passion and vision. She will make you feel what you have never thought you  would ever feel. Her music has a healing power and a universal feel to it that make “You Are My Land” so heartbreaking and, at the same time, fulfilling.

Amirah combines East and West in one song. Her vocals are powerful and match with the empowering message of the song. She starts with calm and ethereal energy, the song progresses to more energetic verses, and in the end, she bursts out singing her heart out for her truth. The experience of “You Are My Land” is mesmerizing and heart-pumping. We don’t usually get many releases so passionate and with such a strong back story in pop like this one. Amirah’s release is inspiring, to say the least, and the theme gives a special aura to “You Are My Land” that you can feel only by listening to it.