Kaidi & NK-OK are a force to be reckoned with, blending the spirit of African music with the fever of experimental London jazz in an amazing mixture. “Clash” paints the perfect picture of what their music is about, doing it in the smoothest way possible!

Both Kaidi & NK-OK can still be perceived as relative newcomers to the new age jazz scene, performing actively for around five-six years. This is the last thing that you can allow yourselves to get fooled by, though, because they have also been part of the most interesting things to spring from London for that time period. On the one hand, NK-OK plays a vital role in Blue Lab Beats and Jazztronica Duo. On the other, Kaidi plays sax for Tom Misch and Yusef Dayes. And how’s that for a freshmen portfolio?

The track “Não Tem Nada Não” is an indicative example of what they are doing with their music. That is, painting a vivid soundscape for the musical scene of today’s London where the sounds of the African diaspora coexist hand in hand with grime, Jersey house, classic and experimental jazz. They offer their idiosyncratic and kaleidoscopic musical perspective, mixing modern production and crispy hip-hop verses courtesy of Cassie Rytz, with classical jazz saxophone solo and some semi-dub beats on top of everything.

It’s definitely not a cocktail that can be made by anyone. Which speaks even more of Kaidi & NK-OK’s capabilities as composers, producers and artists as a whole. Enjoy!