A trip to Barcelona from your chair.

The brand-new Italian-born, Spain-based downtempo electronica duo PALLADIAN brings you its debut original single – “Carpets”, courtesy of Future Archive Recordings. Having a background in architecture, they tend to create their songs as if they were buildings – solid rhythmic structure decorated with lots of colourful details. They share:

We’re really bound to “Carpets”: it’s the very first song we did together, which settled up the definition of our musical approach. It’s funny to know that the first sketch was born while we were in the living room, messing around with a guitar and a few synths on Gabriele’s carpets.

Starting from the melodic and organic sample of the guitar, we found the right inspiration to build the whole track, layer after layer. Then the bassline evolves and carries the general crescendo of the track.The song itself reflects the inner structure of a fabric: all the sounds are intertwined with pattern and colours, enhancing the ensemble.

The track comes with an additional lo-fi edit by Sun Glitters, which you can check below:

Future Archive Recordings PALLADIAN – Carpets (Sun Glitters Edit)
PALLADIAN – Carpets (Sun Glitters Edit) – Future Archive Recordings 05:02