French musician Nomyn is one of the most stunningly consistent producers around; his discography is spilling over with iconic future garage and ambient pieces, with his his latest track “Awake” serving only to strengthen it.

A synth wash swells through the intro accented by a filtered vocal melody that echoes into the stereo space. In a matter of moments the supersaws descend to meet the drums; the wide chords contort into a deep, rich soundscape punctuated by a thick sub bass. High above the pads below, the vocal cuts are given room to breathe, driving the track forwards as the filter opens up.

The drums are subtle and purposeful. The kick is thick; the rimshot is tight and crisp. None of this is surprising, of course. If you want a fantastically poignant evening, take some time to listen through Nomyn’s discography, starting with ‘Awake’:

Nomyn Awake
Awake – Nomyn 03:39

Nomyn ยท Awake