A thrilling blend of jazz, soul and house, “Air” is a composition full of surprises.

The track showcases Malik Alston’s roots in jazz, gospel, soul and dance music. The Detroit-based musician and performer elaborates:

When I think of “Air”… for me, it exists to express a combination of freedom, self-awareness, and doing something different and new. In “Air” you get to really hear the band as a whole, no one stands out individually. It was all a matter of showing that we brought the music to life together as a unit. “Air” is definitely a true reflection of what Painted Pictures was: free musicians who play good music.

This explains the free-spirited, but still cohesive nature of the track and the way it welcomes the listener in a world where everything is possible.

The track is part of his upcoming album Painted Pictures: Air, so stay tuned.