Following their debut 7” Fixer Upper / The Trapper’s Pelts, Leeds based post-punk quartet Yard Act have announced the release of the debut album called The Overload which will be out on January 7th, 2022 via ZEN F.C. According to the press release, Spanning 11 entirely new tracks, The Overload is a record packed with Yard Act’s inimitable wit, musical dexterity and tasteful curation. Littered with the band’s signature dark humour and knowing cynicism, The Overload pokes fun at society without ever punching down from a place of superiority.

Lyrically, I think it’s a record about the things that we all do – we’re all so wired into the system of day to day that we don’t really stop and think about the constructs that define us,” says vocalist James Smith. “But also beyond that, it’s kind of exciting, because there’s still so much we don’t understand; how a hive mindset is forged, how information spreads, how we agree and presume things without thinking. Some people think more than others, but a lot of this sloganeering – ‘I’m on the left, I’m not wrong’ – doesn’t achieve anything. Gammons, Karens, Snowflakes, whatever – I find it all so boring. I’m just not into that.

Check the new track “Payday“.