Satomimagae is a Kanagawa-based singer-songwriter, composer and musician. She has announced the release of her 4th album called Hanazono which will be out on April 23rd via RVNG Intl and Guruguru Brain. According to the press release, Each song on Hanazono is dedicated to a simple theme, object or image, out of which grows uncomplicated melodies wrapped in layers of textural warmth, like a flower subtly moving in sway with its environment.

Accompaniments of avian calls and electric guitar strata, added by Hideki Urawa, who also mixed Hanazono, suggest a spacious firmament above this burgeoning bed of earth. An ecology of simple, cyclical refrains are bathed in humming ethers, elegiac entreaties cross-pollinating with ludic and layered folk vibrations.

Check the official video for the first excerpt “Numa“. It was directed by Soh Ideuchi.