Mule Jenny is the new project of French musician Etienne Gaillochet (We Insist !, Zarboth). He has announced the release of the debut album called All These Songs Of Love And Death” which will be out on December 10th via Grabuge Records, Araki and Figures Libres. Pre-order is available here. Today we have the pleasure to share the new excerpt called “Cross The Line” which comes witht he official video.

According to the press release, It was recorded alone with three microphones, multitracking, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. This song evokes the life of an aggressive boy who has lost all sense of limits, An old memory of humiliation in his childhood buried in him comes to the surface.

The video shows almost nothing, it’s a kind of wallpaper for music” Etienne explains : “I didn’t want to be too literal or tell a story, the song already does, and I wanted to leave room for the listener. I find the demand for images associated with music too overwhelming. Music is often better off without. The only image I want to associate with this record is Matt Irwin’s cover art work.”

Watch it below and find him on Facebook.