British composer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Emery is back with a new EP called Cello which is part of Spotlight Series,  a new series of recordings focusing on one instrument at a time. According to the press release, Characteristically for Emery’s music, the overarching theme is storytelling – a distinct, defined narrative running as an unbroken thread throughout the record. The music here acts as a tense and dark soundtrack, its story that of a samurai warrior heading into battle.

The six unique pieces that make up Cello are all performed by Emery’s long-term friend and collaborator Fraser Bowles and produced by James Kenosha – the same team that united so effectively for Emery’s acclaimed 2017 debut album Empire.

Check the video of the live performance of the track “Battle Cry“. It was shot by Fraser Bowles at St Pancras Old Church.