Three years after their first full-lenght, Leipzig based band Elephants on Tape have released a new album called Every Structure’s Dislocated which is out now via Schatulle Bömm and All My Ghosts. According to the press release, The five pachyderms are nimbly shifting between digital melancholy and the destruction of an algorithmical predictability. 

Floating between Indie-pathos and sympathetically unwieldy Electronica, »Every Structure’s Dislocated« comprises a thorough selection of sounds. Ten tracks narrate interpersonal connections and their parallels with physical/technical processes. The album artwork reflects this digital/analog multiverse in the form of glitch-art, generated by anachronistic computer algorithms.

Four instrumentals frame the album and serve as equally gentle, unobtrusive segues. They are more than mere interludes, though. These hybrid creatures out of sheets of sound and reinterpreted overdubs also function as ephemeral, tiny ambient islands, condensing the album into a unique, aural universe.

Today we have the pleasure to share a live video for the track “Transient Day“. It is an electronic driven ballad turning into a pathetic Indie-anthem. The anthem thematizes the contrast between the ephemeral and the everlasting. It draws a big connection from a tiny fleeting moment to the existence of lasting memories.

Watch it below.

Elephants on Tape are Lisa Zwinzscher (voc, git), Markus Rom (git, voc, synth), Robert Gemmel (synth, sampler, voc), Lukas Stodollik (bass) and Hans Arnold (drums).