Orions Belte is a Norwegian trio comprised of Øyvind Blomstrøm (guitar), Chris Holm (bass) and drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug. They have announced the release of their second album called Villa Amorini which is out on April 9th via Jansen Records. According to the press release, Still a mix of all the sounds they like — their blend of underground pop, psych, and world music is a mysterious mix.

While reminiscing eras they haven’t experienced, and trying to navigate in their own musical atmosphere, their music remains chaotic and calm at the same time. The trio is back with a new album that explores new creative and aural depths, boasting the energy of a busy downtown sidewalk, with instruments intricately layered to draw you in and leave you wondering where it will lead. They calls it “a homage to an era of loud music, club nights, ugly shirts and long afterparties.”

Lotus” is a new excerpt. Check the live video below.