Nina Savary is a French multidisciplinary artist. According to her bio, Making her debut to the stage at the mere age of four years old at la Scala in Milan, touring with her parents’ (Jérôme Savary) explosive and free theatre company Grand Magic Circus. Now an adult, Nina is a renowned performer; a singer, dancer and actress, she has been involved in many artistic projects such as musicals, opera as well as collaborating with musicians such as Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier and Julien Gasc, Eddy Crampes, Marker Starling.

We introduced her with “Second Guessing“; now she has announced the release of the debut album called Next Level Soap Opera which will be out oecorn September 24th via Tin Angel Records. “Par Millions” is a new excerpt. She explains:

“To go there or stay where I am rejected / To stay there and there or go where I project myself »… Par Millions is about this need for freedom that pushes us to set sail towards new horizons. Composed by Armelle Pioline and created with Emmanuel Mario (Astrobal) and our friends Eddy Crampes on bass and Vincent Guyot on keyboards, the song offers a kind of initiatory adventure, since change always comes through our own transformation. This evolution can happen thanks to an encounter, an accident or even a genre film session, opening up new perspectives. In the video directed by Lucie Bourdeu, we wanted to develop this idea through different facets of the same character that follow and intersect as she wanders. The hazards of the journey give a wider meaning to her solitary wandering as a new story takes shape.”